Petersime strives for continuous improvement in the workplace. As a company that highly values quality, personal development and collaborative working, we offer our employees regular training on topics such as digitalization, safety procedures, risk analysis, and much more.

More digitalization to optimize production processes

As part of Petersime’s objectives for the new year, advanced technologies are being introduced to further optimize the manufacturing capacity and production flows at our Belgian Headquarters. 

In our mission to continuously increase the operational efficiency on the factory floor, Petersime has been working together with Azumuta, a renowned supplier of a modular online platform. By offering technological support in every aspect of the manufacturing process, Azumuta assists teams of operators in improving the overall productivity. This year, our factory supervisors and department heads have been trained to use the software to automate workflows, ensure more flexible guidance for (complex) assembly procedures and plan quality checks. Moreover, the Azumuta platform also allows operators to actively identify and log potential solutions to further increase well-being and productivity in real time.


Regular employee training moments

Besides implementing more digital solutions, Petersime also continuously invests in keeping its employees up to speed and well-informed. As we grow, it is equally important that efficiency in the workplace evolves too. 

Every year, company-wide coaching includes sessions on fire prevention and evacuation procedures, first aid courses, as well as targeted training on topics such as risk analysis, chemical and electrical safety, and much more. 

Do you like our approach and innovative mindset? Check the Petersime career website and join one of our teams! 

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Petersime continuously invests in keeping its employees up to speed, among others by offering targeted training.
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