As a principal international company in the poultry industry, Petersime is continuously looking for ways to innovate and grow in the pursuit of being a solid partner for its worldwide customer base. Building upon that long-term strategy, we are pleased to introduce some recent new members in the global sales and service teams, as well as two new regional directors in Brazil and Malaysia. 

New Area Sales Manager in the Middle East

Bram Kerckhof joined Petersime as the new Area Sales Manager responsible for Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. He has over 20 years of experience in international sales. In his previous role, he represented a Belgian market-leading manufacturer, who specializes in technical packing solutions for food and food-related products, in various countries in the EMEA & Asian region. 

At Petersime, Bram works from the Headquarters in Belgium and looks forward to going out into the world and getting to know the customers in his sales region better. “I am passionate about connecting and building a personal relationship with customers. I will strive to support them in finding solutions that are the best fit for them,” he comments. 

“As hatchery experts, I strongly believe in the exceptional value we bring to customers by sharing our experience and knowledge,” Bram touches on Petersime’s role within the industry. “What inspires me most at Petersime, is the company’s ambition to offer top quality, innovation and outstanding aftersales services. Together, we build partnerships with customers that easily reach 30 years and more, and I am excited to contribute to those partnerships at their starting point.”

“We build partnerships with customers that easily reach 30 years and more, and I am excited to contribute to those partnerships at their starting point.”

~Bram Kerckhof Area Sales Manager Middle East
sales team; aftersales team; area sales manager; latin america; southeast asia

Petersime as a partner for years after start-up

At Petersime, we find it important to be a close business partner for the entire lifetime of the hatchery, by providing solutions and services that enhance equipment life and improve the performance of existing equipment. 

To better streamline the sales side of Petersime’s aftermarket offering, we recently launched a new Aftermarket division. The division oversees the complete offering of spare parts, software and services that will help extend the life of a hatchery’s equipment, enhance its functionality and increase its efficiency. It also encompasses Petersime Approved, Petersime’s special concept that enables customers to purchase durable, trustworthy secondhand Petersime incubators with the assurance of receiving firsthand support. 

To give direction to the Aftermarket division, Petersime has appointed Erik Ottevaere as Sales Director Aftermarket. Thanks to Erik’s extensive experience as an international sales manager, with his previous role in a company specializing in niche printing machines with integrated, innovative software, he is provided with the skills and knowledge to further grow Petersime’s life cycle support. As digitalization has been an ever-rising theme in the optimization of hatchery operations and the poultry production value chain, Petersime’s cloud-based software Eagle Trax™ is a focal point in the offering. 


Unlocking the potential of big data with Eagle Trax™

“I am a strong believer in software applications and process optimization,” Erik says. “Innovation and digitalization are a hot topic in the incubation world. Our customers have indicated an increasing need for solutions on the digital side of their hatchery business, and I am excited to help give shape to how we can be there for them in every possible aspect and during the entire life cycle of their operations. Moreover, I also look forward to further expanding our worldwide spare part offering as part of our all-encompassing service strategy, all in the aim of helping customers maximize performance and minimize operational downtime.” 

Customers who are working with the Eagle Trax™ software for the first time, want to train new coworkers, are looking to fine-tune their hatchery performance… will be in touch with Ruben Matthys and Dante Rivera. As Petersime’s experts for Eagle Trax™ training, consulting and incubational advice, Ruben and Dante look forward to building up a long-term relationship with customers while providing support on the implementation of the innovative and comprehensive hatchery software. 


Petersime Approved: secondhand incubators, firsthand support

Petersime Approved stands for secondhand Petersime incubators that come with the know-how and support customers need to successfully start up their business and keep their operations running smoothly. The dedicated Petersime Approved team is made up of John Torsius as sales manager, who can be contacted for more information on secondhand single-stage or multi-stage incubators. Stefaan Van Damme is in charge of all operational support and Dadiana Ahmad handles all administrative support. 

Erik Ottevaere, Sales Director Aftermarket, sees a bright future for the brand: “With Petersime Approved, we are providing solid, high-quality solutions to customers in specific local markets, backed up with the right technical and incubational support. Add to that the flexibility of our team and that convinces me that customers can make a trusted investment in the Approved label.”

sales team; aftersales team; area sales manager; latin america; southeast asia
The Aftermarket team: Dadiana Ahmad (administrative officer), Ruben Matthys (Customer Experience Officer Eagle Trax™), Stefaan Van Damme (operational officer), Erik Ottevaere (Sales Director Aftermarket), John Torsius (sales manager).

Aiming for maximum, all-purpose services close at hand

One of the main qualities that sets Petersime apart from other market players, is the close proximity to customers. At Petersime, we combine a centralized customer service at our Headquarters in Belgium with a global network of experienced Petersime experts and local distributors ready to share their knowledge and navigate all types of customer requests. 

To help Petersime further grow its strategic local presence and improve its closeness to clients with prompt and customized solutions, we have welcomed two new regional directors: Eduardo Domingues in Brazil and David Albaiceta in Malaysia. 

Eduardo Domingues is the new director at Petersime do Brasil. He previously gained international experience working in various areas for companies in the metal-mechanical industrial sector and logistic distribution services. 
“Three principles I believe are paramount in carrying on the success of our business, are strong partnership and teamwork, continuous learning and paying close attention to the needs of our stakeholders. I look forward to applying these at Petersime do Brasil in our goal to offer customers the best possible service,” he says about his new role as regional director. 

Although his roots are in Barcelona, Spain, David Albaiceta has built his entire career in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Petersime as director at Petersime Southeast Asia, he gained extensive experience in various commercial and logistic managing roles in countries like Thailand, China, Australia and more, where his responsibilities required setting up local entities and operations. With this background, David looks forward to supporting Petersime’s regional operations and customers, as well as support the company’s further growth and expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

sales team; aftersales team; area sales manager; latin america; southeast asia
Eduardo Domingues, director of Petersime do Brasil
sales team; aftersales team; area sales manager; latin america; southeast asia
David Albaiceta, director of Petersime Southeast Asia
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