The continuous improvement mindset that characterizes Petersime has pushed us to rethink our Conventional Series with the aim to further optimize its performance, simplify its operation and boost overall profitability. The result is a new generation of Petersime’s conventional incubators with significant improvements in design and features. 

Conventional Series: robust and reliable

While top-notch incubators may be an obvious choice for certain hatchery owners, others may look for a less hefty investment that will still guarantee outstanding performance in all circumstances, from day one until the end of the equipment’s lifetime. The Conventional Series is Petersime’s answer: It is the ideal solution for hatchery owners who are looking for conventional multi-stage or single-stage incubators that stand for strong, reliable performance, trusted quality, and ease of operation. 

Over the past decades, the Conventional Series has built a proven track record of excellent performance. Today, we are pleased to announce a new generation of the range that will bring your hatchery’s performance and profitability to the next level


New generation of conventional incubators

Along with improving incubator design, Petersime’s focus is also to make incubators more intelligent. This is reflected in the new generation of our conventional incubators. “The previous Conventional Series was already best in class for producing top-grade chicks, poults or ducklings, even in less-than-ideal circumstances,” says Ives Vanstechelman, Product Specialist at Petersime. “The new generation builds on that quality by being even more performant thanks to a new controller with data connection. Plus, it has added benefits that further enhance the machine’s user-friendliness.” 


Vision+ controller

The first enhancement is the new Vision+ controller with data connection. Vision+ makes it possible to connect Petersime’s conventional incubators to the intelligent Eagle Trax™ hatchery software, which opens the way for improvements of the overall productivity and profitability of your hatchery operations. 
For customers who do not require this advanced technology, we offer the Analog controller for easy incubator parameter control. 

Petersime Conventional 4
The new Vision+ controller makes it possible to connect conventional incubators to Petersime’s intelligent Eagle Trax™ hatchery software. 

Digital calibration

Calibration checks are needed to maintain optimal incubator performance. The new Conventional Series works with digital calibration: Its easy-to-use calibration tool ensures a quick and accurate temperature and humidity calibration. This improvement further enhances user-friendliness for operators of all experience levels. 


180° panoramic windows

The new incubator design features full panoramic windows. This gives the added advantage of having an instant overview of what is happening inside the setters and hatchers. 


No matter if multi-stage or single-stage operation is your preferred incubation system, Petersime’s new Conventional Series has the right incubators for you to optimize your profitability and product quality. Want to know more about the range and all its features and benefits? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: Our sales team is ready to answer all your questions. 

Petersime Conventional 7
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