Are you just getting started in the hatchery business? Pursuing to further optimize your operations? Petersime’s Incubation Consultants are at your service to share their valuable expertise and advice, whether you are looking to train (new) hatchery staff, want to amp up your hatchery performance from good to excellent or have a specific incubation question. 

Personal incubational support from A to Z

Petersime adds great importance to offering an integrated support experience worldwide, from the beginning of every hatchery project over the lifetime of your equipment. As a hatchery partner, we are committed to supporting you in all aspects of your operations, in a way that is tailored to your personal business needs. 

One of the services covered by Petersime is incubational advice and training. Our Global Incubation Consultant team stands by customers to: 

  • Guide you in the start-up of your hatchery to make sure your first sets and hatches go smoothly. This step goes alongside the work of the Global Technical Supervisor, who will ensure your incubators and equipment perform well from the start of your operations.
  • Analyse your current hatch performance and help you lift your results to the next level
  • Offer remote advice & on-site visits in case of incubation-related issues to help recognize a problem and extend in-depth support and, even more so, long-term solutions. 
  • Finally, the team also provides comprehensive incubation training, both for new and experienced hatchery businesses. 

It is important to know that you can always contact the Global Incubation Consultant Team in case of questions or to request advice to optimize your hatch results and chick quality. 

“Our global team of specialists has a wealth of experience that we are happy to share at all times, not only when a hatchery is coming across a problem, but also when a customer wishes to improve incubation results by as much as 1 or 2%, for example,” Stephen Evans, Team Lead Global Incubation Consultants, elaborates. “Each of our consultants combines an all-round expertise with his or her own relevant background in the poultry industry, contributing to our many strengths as a team as we guide customers to becoming hatching champions.” 

service team; global incubation consultants
Petersime’s Global Incubation Consultant team in 2022. Standing up, from left to right: Bruno Machado, Guillermo Reyes, Szabolcs Nagy, Simona Gheorghitoiu, Stephen Evans. Sitting down, from left to right: Gamie Gundran, Mohamed Sobhy, Rui Barros, Eric Baesa.

How we help you raise your incubation results from good to excellent

Team Lead Stephen Evans shares his golden incubation tip for hatchery managers who are working with Petersime’s incubators. 

“Getting to know our equipment is the first step. We always offer pre-made incubation profiles and our specialists are there to guide you in starting up a well-functioning hatchery with good results,” said Stephen. “However, once you are comfortable with the Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology, the trick is to tweak your incubation profiles and optimize them in such a way that you will achieve the product you want.” 

Whereas this recommendation can help you make a difference between a good and excellent hatchery performance, the Global Incubation Consultant team is widely available for on-site support to guide you in the incubation process


Below example of a recent case explains the different steps in the support process

A hatchery that is furnished with a combination of BioStreamer™ and AirStreamer™ incubators had observed a steadily increasing difference in hatchability from the two types of machine, in favour of the BioStreamer™. 

During his visit to the hatchery, Petersime’s consultant first examined how the two incubator types were used and noticed very different incubation strategies in regard to OvoScan™ and ventilation. 

To make an impact on the hatchery’s overall results, the AirStreamer™ programs were adjusted to be aligned with the program of the BioStreamer™ machines. Moreover, a softer air pressure was implemented both for the setters and hatchers to improve biosecurity and make sure that air would always be pushed from the ‘clean’ setter environment towards the hatchers. 

Finally, the consultant also observed that the hatcher programs and timing of hatch were no longer corresponding as before. By correcting the initiation of the CO2 stimuli setpoints – and as a result, that of the peak humidity – he and the customer were able to improve the hatch conditions. 

By following a thorough multi-step process of analysing and amending machine programs and environments, Petersime was able to meet the customer’s needs, which was to close the noticeable gap between AirStreamer™ and BioStreamer™ and achieve a narrower, more aligned hatch window. 

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