Customers who are looking for durable and trustworthy secondhand incubators can now turn to Petersime Approved, a new concept of secondhand Petersime incubators that come with the know-how and support needed to successfully start up a business and keep hatchery operations running smoothly. 

Purpose-fit incubators with the right support

Petersime Approved is a new concept that enables customers to purchase durable and trustworthy secondhand Petersime incubators with the assurance of receiving firsthand support. 

Setting up a hatchery requires expert advice and involves numerous crucial decisions that affect hatchability. With Petersime Approved, we can offer a purpose-fit solution for each specific business plan. Moreover, our experts share their practical experience and transfer knowledge to your team so you can be sure to achieve the best hatch results. 

Petersime Approved; incubators; secondhand incubators
Petersime Approved: Everything needed to successfully start up a hatchery and keep things running smoothly.

Benefits from every angle

By purchasing from a reputable manufacturer, you are sure to receive durable and trustworthy secondhand equipment at a sharp price. In addition, Petersime’s experienced Helpdesk and Incubation Team provides technical and incubational support around the clock. Spare parts are available during the complete lifetime of the equipment and are delivered rapidly and worldwide. 

Olav Boel, Chief Commercial Officer at Petersime, says: “At Petersime, we continually strive to offer value and service to our customers and Petersime Approved is a clear demonstration of that. Customers can rest assured that they have made the right choice when buying Petersime Approved incubators. Not only do they benefit from the quality of a top brand, they will also have peace of mind thanks to the comprehensive aftercare.” 

Want to know more about Petersime Approved? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: Our sales team is ready to answer all your questions. 

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