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Depending on the size of your hatchery and your specific requirements, you can opt for a completely integrated automated hatchery. Alternatively, you can decide to automate or semi-automate certain parts of your hatchery. In all these cases, Petersime can assist you in selecting the best solution for your hatchery.

Integrated automation

When choosing for an integrated automation for your complete hatchery, Petersime will work with your preferred automation partner to design a fully automated system to handle and process your eggs and chicks in the various areas of your hatchery.

Stand-alone automation

Petersime offers different types of equipment that increase the efficiency of your hatchery and reduce the labourload in the following areas:

Transfer room

Petersime’s solutions for egg candling and transfer allow you to optimize your hatching results by operating quickly and reducing the risk of contamination.

Chick handling room

With Petersime’s solutions for your chick handling room, sexing, vaccinating and counting chicks will be done at a higher speed, with the greatest precision.

Washing room

Petersime's automatic tray washers allow you to increase the hygiene and efficiency of your hatchery.