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Hatchery equipment

The equipment in your hatchery plays a crucial role when it comes to an efficient hatchery workflow. It should be easy to operate and maintain without requiring specialized training. 

To further increase efficiency and reduce physical labour, you can opt for automation equipment. By connecting your equipment to a network, you will be able to monitor and control operations from any point in your hatchery.


Airflow management inside a hatchery building is of the utmost importance. Petersime's Project Department has over 45 years of experience in designing and installing tailor-made hatchery air handling and air conditioning systems for the most varied climates. 


In a hatchery, adequate climate control is crucial for good hatchability, chick quality and bio-security. Embryos and chicks need sufficient fresh air, the right environmental temperature and an adjusted humidity level. In addition, processes such as fumigation and drying of washed trays and trolleys have their own air conditioning requirements.

Trays and baskets

Petersime has developed solid but lightweight trays and baskets that are designed for intensive use. 


Our trolleys are welded solidly and have an extra coating that protects them from corrosion.

Hatchery doors

You need many different types of doors in a hatchery. These must be robust yet easy to handle and maintain.


Maintaining a complete overview of the status of your hatchery at every moment is of the utmost importance - at every moment. With Petersime, you are completely in control, ensuring you peace of mind.

Egg transport pallet

This system allows easy transport from breeder farm to hatchery with minimal egg handling, which reduces the risk of cracked eggs.