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Trays and baskets

Petersime has developed solid but lightweight trays and baskets that are designed for intensive use. 


Petersime provides a range of setter trays that are compatible with all Petersime incubators. The setter trays can hold 150 chicken eggs. Models for turkey eggs are also available, holding 126 or 63 eggs. The turkey 60XL tray with honeycomb structure offers a capacity of 60 turkey or duck eggs.

Petersime egg trays are specially designed to cope with the eggs of these modern poultry breeds. The special shape of the setter tray assures that there is an adequate air flow around the entire surface of the egg shell.

Main features and benefits:

  • Suitable for both small and large eggs
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Rigid construction
  • Open grid providing minimum obstruction of air flow
  • Empty trays are stackable, requiring minimum space
  • Suitable for in-ovo vaccination
  • Suitable for industrial tray washing machines


Main features and benefits:

  • Easy to handle, stack, clean and desinfect
  • Optimum air flow through maximum side openings
  • Designed for automatic stacking and destacking
  • Suitable for industrial washing machines
  • Space for identification card

Petersime's trays and baskets are designed to last a lifetime