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The Vision controller is a digital controller providing advanced functionality. The Vision controller is controlled by a handheld remote control.

User-friendly infrared remote control units

Vision is operated by pocket-size remote control units. Only four buttons are needed to perform all functions and to operate any machine in the hatchery.

LCD display for quick and easy programming and historical trend analysis

Incubator readings and settings are clearly displayed by internationally recognized symbols and easy-to-read graphs. That means Vision is easy to operate in any part of the world.
Vision automatically logs all incubation parameters. Detailed charts on the LCD screen visualise the past incubation process and highlight significant data.

Delayed start function

The delayed start function postpones the incubation cycle for a pre-programmed period. This allows hatchery staff to start up machines during normal working hours instead of having to wheel in trolleys at night or during weekends.

Operational safety

A stainless steel box protects the Vision unit against water, dust and electromagnetic interference. The system has withstood extreme durability and interference testing to guarantee full operational safety.