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S-line concept

The S-line optimizes hatchery performance by increasing chick quality and quantity. In addition, it reduces energy, maintenance and labour costs. The new S-line provides the long-awaited answer to hatcheries wishing to maximize their economic return.


The S-line is designed with one key objective: to maximize the profit for life of your hatchery. It generates maximum output of the incubator at minimum costs during the entire hatchery lifetime. This guarantees the best return on investment.

More and better chicks

The S-line provides higher chick output by assuring a bio-secured environment, higher hatch performance and high uniformity of day-old chicks.

Reduced labour costs

The S-line provides complete ease of operation. Operator fatigue is minimized and the risks of error reduced thanks to the ergonomics of the design, the intuitive user interface and autopilot functions

Reduced maintenance costs

The material and design of our S-line ensure that the equipment is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Safety is assured during all works.

Reduced energy costs

The design of the S-line focuses on higher energy efficiency and reacts faster to changing environmental conditions. The S-line not only reduces your energy bill but also minimizes your carbon footprint.