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Single-stage concept

A range of innovative single-stage incubators to obtain maximum output at minimum costs during the entire lifetime of your hatchery.

All single-stage benefits added up

Our single-stage incubators deliver benefits that are economically attractive for any hatchery expansion or new hatchery investment: 

1. Top performance: High chick output is achieved by creating the ideal incubation environment. Your chicks will also be stronger and more uniform. This leads to less postnatal mortality, lower feed conversion ratios and increased efficiency in the following stages of the meat processing chain.

2. Optimum biosecurity: Our single-stage incubators allow easy, quick and thorough cleaning and their airtight environment minimises biosecurity risks. 

3. Minimum labour costs: You can reduce your labour costs to minimum levels thanks to the maximum user-friendliness and ease of operation of our single-stage incubators. In general, operational logistics are also easier with single-stage incubation (all in, all out) compared to multi-stage incubation. 

4. High energy efficiency and low maintenance: All Petersime single-stage incubators are thoughtfully engineered to guarantee low energy costs and maximum uptime.