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Single-stage product range

As a world leader in incubation, Petersime offers innovative solutions for egg storage, single-stage incubation (also at an increased egg density) and chick storage.


The X-Streamer™ is the first intelligent incubator that turns data into maximum hatchery performance. It knows which eggs are on board and uses this knowledge to help you maximise incubation performance, while minimising operational costs. This ensures you get the best economic return out of your hatchery; not just right now, but during its entire lifetime. Maximum profit for life is what we stand for.  

X-Streamer™ HD

The X-Streamer™ High Density (HD) is specially designed and engineered for more capacity. HD setters and hatchers can house 12% more eggs, while keeping the same footprint and delivering the same high level of healthy birds after hatch compared to a standard X-Streamer™. In this way, you will need fewer machines to achieve the total hatchery capacity you have in mind.

X-Streamer™ Re-Store

Once an egg is laid, its hatching potential cannot be improved, only maintained. For that reason, hatching eggs must be kept under optimal conditions to prevent egg deterioration. Poor storage conditions inevitably lead to a decline in hatchability and egg quality. Even storing eggs at the correct conditions, but for a longer period, will cause significant hatch losses. By applying heat treatment during storage in the dedicated X-Streamer™ Re-Store incubator, you can maximise the hatching potential of stored eggs. 

X-Streamer™ Chick-Store

Chick storage times can vary considerably, from just a couple of hours to an overnight stay. During storage, sub-optimal ambient conditions - even for relatively short periods - can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare. The X-Streamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to automatically deliver the perfect chick holding environment, guaranteeing your valuable day-olds will retain outstanding quality and performance, and feel comfortable.