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Single-stage product range

The S-line consists of two product ranges:  AirStreamerPlus™ and BioStreamer™. Both models have the same basic construction and principle of operation, but some of their features differ.


The AirStreamerPlus™ is the standard model of the S-line. This model is recommended for hatcheries which prefer interaction with the incubation parameter settings, based on the hatchery manager's experience.


The BioStreamer™ is the top-of-the-range model of the S-line. This model is recommended for hatcheries that want to achieve the highest possible number and quality of chicks in a fully automated way.

BioStreamer™ High Density

The BioStreamer™ HD or High Density setters and hatchers are designed to further minimise the investment cost of your entire hatchery project.

BioStreamer™ Re-Store

Long egg storage times in hatcheries are often unavoidable because of logistics, market conditions, variable order sizes, etc. If these storage times exceed 7 days, however, losses in hatchability and chick quality become inevitable. On top of that, incubation time will increase and post-hatch performance will suffer. Petersime has developed the long-awaited answer to this problem: the BioStreamer™ Re-Store. This incubator warms up the eggs for short periods of time during storage, restoring a significant part of the hatch decrease.

BioStreamer™ Chick-Store

The storage of day-old chicks is of great importance to hatchery owners as suboptimal storage conditions can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare, especially if storage times are long and transport times following storage are extended. The BioStreamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to create an optimised environment inspired by nature, to ensure that the day-old chicks arrive at the farm in perfect condition.