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BioStreamer™ Chick-Store

The storage of day-old chicks is of great importance to hatchery owners as suboptimal storage conditions can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare, especially if storage times are long and transport times following storage are extended. The BioStreamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to create an optimised environment inspired by nature, to ensure that the day-old chicks arrive at the farm in perfect condition.


Creating the perfect chick holding environment

By holding chicks in a dedicated incubator that optimises chick storage conditions, you can maximise the potential of day-old chicks and minimise the losses. The BioStreamer™ Chick-Store is specifically designed to automatically deliver the perfect storage environment, guaranteeing your valuable day-olds show outstanding quality and performance and feel comfortable.

Precise temperature control and uniform airflow

Inside the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store, the temperature is controlled in a very precise way, creating the perfect, uniform ambient temperature for chick storage. At the same time, the completely controlled environment improves animal welfare, ensuring the well-being of the chicks.

Another critical factor in storage, besides temperature, is airflow. The BioStreamer™ Chick-Store distributes air evenly over the rows of chick box trolleys and chick boxes inside the incubator. Excessive humidity and CO2 are removed through the air outlets.

This is what the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store can do for your business:

  • Completely controlled environment to ensure optimal storage conditions in any climate and any size hatchery
  • Reduced chick mortality, better overall quality, outstanding performance and enhanced animal welfare
  • Increased flexibility in chick storage management, e.g. overnight storage for next-day shipping
  • Full-load operation with a capacity of up to 25,000 day-old chicks depending on chick box capacity and trolley type
  • Partial-load operation is also possible to easily adapt to any order size

Chick storage challenges are meant to be overcome!
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