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X-Streamer™ High Density

The X-Streamer™ HD or High Density setters and hatchers are designed to further minimise the investment cost of your entire hatchery project.


Petersime’s High Density solution is designed around setting the eggs in a honeycomb-structured setter tray rather than the traditional matrix-shaped version. The structure of this honeycomb tray allows setting 12% more eggs on the same surface while keeping the airflow between the eggs optimal.

The benefits of this HD tray are numerous. As your incubators hold 12% more eggs while occupying the same footprint, you need to install fewer machines to achieve the total hatchery capacity you have in mind. As a result, your hatchery will be smaller and your land purchasing and construction costs reduced. On top of that, thanks to the honeycomb trays, egg transportation will be more compact and thus cheaper.

For the X-Streamer™ HD to be able to cope with the increased capacity, Petersime has adapted some essential components:

  • increased ventilation capacity
  • increased heating and cooling power
  • reinforced trolleys and tray turning systems

These design changes guarantee the same results in terms of hatchability, chick uniformity, post-hatch performance and energy consumption per egg as those achieved with standard X-Streamer™ incubators.

The patented Embryo-Response Incubation™ sensors and algorithms are perfectly applicable on the X-Streamer™ HD setters and hatchers. Dynamic Weight Loss System™ and OvoScan™ have been reshaped to fit in the HD concept, whereas CO2NTROL™ and Synchro-Hatch™ have remained unchanged.


X-Streamer™ 12S HD
X-Streamer™ 24S HD
X-Streamer™ 4H HD
X-Streamer™ 8H HD