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X-Streamer™ HD

The X-Streamer™ High Density (HD) is specially designed and engineered for more capacity. HD setters and hatchers can house 12% more eggs, while keeping the same footprint and delivering the same high level of healthy birds after hatch compared to a standard X-Streamer™. In this way, you will need fewer machines to achieve the total hatchery capacity you have in mind.


When it comes to incubation at an increased egg density, it is unfortunately not as simple as placing more eggs in standard setters and hatchers and then expecting them to perform to the same level when the incubators themselves have not fundamentally changed. That is why, at Petersime, we rethought the entire engineering of our standard single-stage incubator to offer you a special incubator that perfectly accommodates for extra egg density: X-Streamer™ HD. Thanks to its unique engineering, Petersime’s HD solution ensures you can increase your hatchery’s capacity while lowering the investment costs and boosting the output of healthy chicks: 

1. Increased egg setting capacity

The X-Streamer™ HD uses honeycomb-structured setter trays instead of traditional matrix-shaped trays. The honeycomb structure allows you to set 12% more eggs on the same surface. Accordingly, loading 12% extra eggs into an incubator of the same footprint results in higher demands in terms of cooling and heating. That is why our HD setters and hatchers feature tailor-made components to perfectly handle the extra egg density while preserving their energy efficiency. 

2. Reduced investment costs

As the X-Streamer™ HD holds 12% more eggs while occupying the same footprint as a standard X-Streamer™, you will need fewer machines to achieve the total hatchery capacity you have in mind. As a result, your hatchery will be smaller and your land purchasing and construction costs reduced. In addition, thanks to the honeycomb trays, egg transportation will be more compact and thus cheaper.  

3. Maximum output of healthy chicks

As part of the X-Streamer™ product family, the X-Streamer™ HD brings powerful built-in intelligence to the hatchery that helps you maximise your profits. Moreover, every X-Streamer™ HD is equipped with Petersime’s patented Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. Your benefit: maximum results, minimum costs. 

This is why X-Streamer™ HD makes all the difference for you:

  • Increased egg setting capacity: 12% more eggs on the same surface
  • Reduced investment costs
  • Maximum output of healthy chicks
  • Lower cost per egg
  • A total solution with all equipment you need to accommodate for extra egg density including HD trays and HD trolleys

Want to further minimise the investment cost of your hatchery project? Contact us and discover what X-Streamer™ HD can do for your business!


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