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X-Streamer™ Re-Store

Once an egg is laid, its hatching potential cannot be improved, only maintained. For that reason, hatching eggs must be kept under optimal conditions to prevent egg deterioration. Poor storage conditions inevitably lead to a decline in hatchability and egg quality. Even storing eggs at the correct conditions, but for a longer period, will cause significant hatch losses. By applying heat treatment during storage in the dedicated X-Streamer™ Re-Store incubator, you can maximise the hatching potential of stored eggs. 


The X-Streamer™ Re-Store is specifically engineered and programmed to precisely apply heat treatment cycles, regaining a substantial part of the hatch that would have otherwise been lost due to storage: 

1. Restored viability

The X-Streamer™ Re-Store warms up hatching eggs for short periods of time during storage to restore the viability of the embryos. Thanks to the unique OvoScan™ technology, it guarantees a controlled, gradual and precise heating and cooling of the eggs. All values and setpoints are automatically adjusted to optimise the process according to the needs of the specific batch of eggs. This makes the Re-Store process very accurate, easy and error-free while also ensuring highly consistent results

2. More and better-quality chicks

Inside the X-Streamer™ Re-Store, the number of viable cells is restored. This positively impacts hatch results with minimised embryonic mortality, as well as improved hatchability, chick quality and post-hatch performance for varying egg species and egg ages. Moreover, the eggs will start incubation in a more homogeneous embryonic development stage, which leads to better uniformity and chick yield

3. Simplified planning

When storing eggs in the traditional way, hatchery staff needs extra time to deal with the variations that come with the incubation of short-stored and long-stored eggs, such as adjusting incubation times, pre-heating programs, take-off times, etc. With X-Streamer™ Re-Store, there is no need to compensate the impact of storage by applying different procedures. This results in a simplified incubation planning, which makes egg management much easier. 

This is why X-Streamer™ Re-Store makes all the difference for you:

  • Restored viability
  • More and better-quality chicks
  • Simplified planning
  • Highly consistent results 

Ready to maximise the hatching potential of your stored eggs? Contact us and discover what X-Streamer™ Re-Store can do for your business!


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