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Turnkey hatcheries

Hatchery performance is usually measured in terms of hatchability and chick quality but there is more. To be really competitive, hatcheries must use all of their inputs as economically and efficiently as possible.

We design, deliver and install your complete hatchery and provide you with support over the lifetime of your hatchery. Petersime has more than 45 years of experience in designing turnkey hatcheries. We have already installed several turnkey hatcheries over the world. And more than 6,000 hatchery layout drawings have been made by our experts.

Hatchery operation as an input/output process model

Go for the highest chick output

Increasing the revenues for your hatchery means producing an optimal number of healthy, strong and uniform chicks. 

Minimize your energy costs

Energy consumption is a major cost driver in your hatchery. To help reduce consumption, Petersime provides energy efficient incubators. Our extremely effective heat transfer mechanism with heat recovery systems and our pressure control systems enable you to save considerable amounts on your energy cost.

Reduce your labour costs

Your labour cost largely depends on the layout of your hatchery, but also on fully- or semi-automated equipment and efficient monitoring.

Minimize your egg costs

Eggs are the most essential resource of your hatchery. The cost of this resource can be lowered by reducing the landed cost of the eggs, by avoiding eggs from getting damaged, and by keeping eggs in ideal conditions before they enter the setter area. 

Go for the lowest cost for consumables

Equipment in a hatchery suffers a lot of wear and tear. What’s more, a hatchery has a very long lifetime. That is why Petersime designs its equipment with minimum maintenance and maximum durability in mind. 

How we work with you

Our experts assist you from the very beginning to define your project specifications (objectives, capacity requirements and working methods) and identify its constraints (location, local regulations and other project specific needs).