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Go for the highest chick output

Increasing the revenues for your hatchery means producing an optimal number of healthy, strong and uniform chicks. 


The best incubators for your hatchery

Petersime offers a whole range of incubators suited to your different needs. Our single-stage incubators feature the patented Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology ensuring the highest chick output available in the market today.

Disinfect and fumigate to avoid diseases

Stringent hygiene procedures in every hatchery are more essential than ever to ensure good bio-security.

Petersime’s Automatic Disinfection System is specially developed for the timely, accurate and labour-saving disinfection of incubators. Any non-corrosive liquid disinfectant, whether diluted (e.g. 40% Formalin solution) or undiluted (100%), can be sprayed into the incubator through the humidifying nozzle.

Our disinfection system results in lower bacterial counts compared with the same disinfectant applied through an evaporative pan. It guarantees uniform disinfection, provides a perfect dosage and is environment-friendly. The system is completely safe for hatchery staff, functions independently and hence reduces your labour cost.

Automatic Disinfection System installed in a hatcher

The fumigation of hatching eggs, setter trolleys and trays prior to setting is one of the most effective ways of removing bacterial contamination because it stops it from spreading throughout the hatchery. Petersime delivers and installs fumigation room equipment designed for accurate and safe fumigation. The equipment is fully automatic, timer controlled and easy to use. At the end of the fumigation cycle, any fumes remaining are automatically evacuated before the green light is given to enter the room.
Each system is sized exactly to the specific size and working routines of your hatchery.

An appropriate HVAC system for each environment

Petersime’s Project Department has over 35 years of experience in designing and installing tailor-made hatchery air handling and air conditioning systems for the most varied climates.