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How we work with you

Our experts assist you from the very beginning to define your project specifications (objectives, capacity requirements and working methods) and identify its constraints (location, local regulations and other project specific needs). 


Petersime provides you technological and product knowledge: knowledge of air conditioning systems for different climates, knowledge of automation systems, knowledge of energy saving systems, installation expertise and project management, among other things. We build on a broad experience gained from many hatchery projects across the world and from knowledge gained by our many contacts with other trendsetting hatcheries. All this expertise is shared with you to generate the best hatchery layout for your particular needs.

Petersime has also developed a number of ‘ready-to-build’ proposals for turnkey hatcheries. These proposals provide a standard reference hatchery layout. They are based on our expertise and on the feedback from renowned hatchery managers as the most efficient implementation of a modern hatchery. These proposals are fully documented and provide information both on the initial investment cost and on the yearly all-inclusive operational costs of running a hatchery. These standard reference layouts are a valuable tool for accelerating the initial phases of defining your hatchery project specifications.

Once the hatchery layout is finalized, we draw up complete execution plans and equipment specifications to build your hatchery. This provides you with all the documentation you need to start building your hatchery.