Smooth project execution

At Petersime, we understand that starting up a new hatchery can push your own organization to its limits. Our qualified professionals make sure that the installation is finished on time and within budget. They have extensive experience in working on site with local teams and also provide the right start-up support for hatchery personnel to ensure a smooth transition from installation to operation

Our goal: enabling a successful installation and smooth start-up of your hatchery anywhere around the globe. 

Petersime Installation Support 2

What you can expect

  • Project delivery on time and on budget
  • Professional installation plus supervision of the installation team
  • Quality and safety management during delivery, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up
  • On-site technical and incubational support for first sets and hatches
  • On-the-job training for local staff ensuring a smooth hand-over

“We enjoyed a timely, neatly finished installation and prompt services. Our staff received adequate training to successfully start up our operations. In short, we are 100% satisfied with our choice for Petersime.”

~Eugen Ambroci Hatchery Operations Manager, Axedum
Petersime Service Quotes Eugen Ambroci

Inspiring customer stories

Hatchery projects around the world

While we could talk for hours about the advantages of our solutions and services, the way our customers think about us is what matters. Read through our customers’ stories and discover what Petersime can do for your business
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