Maximum business continuity

During the lifetime of your hatchery, you will face many challenges to achieve the best results. As a lifelong partner, Petersime offers a comprehensive set of high-quality services to support you whenever you need it. Our life cycle support boosts the productivity of your incubators, increases the knowledge of your people and serves as the basis for your sustainable business success

With Petersime, you are sure to receive accurate, round-the-clock support that helps you make decisions and saves you from any possible worry. 

24/7 helpdesk

  • Personalized helpdesk for round-the-clock technical and incubational support
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On-site support

  • Fast and effective repair and support interventions on site
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Spare parts

  • High-quality spare parts during the complete lifetime of your equipment
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Electronic repairs

  • Unique electronic repair service during the entire service life
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Training and service packs

  • Extensive training line-up and service packs to run a modern, high-performance hatchery
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MyPetersime portal

  • Your hatchery’s own digital hub for easy access to personalized support and information
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“With Petersime, we can rely on a dedicated team of experts ready to provide us with quality support at all times. We have always counted on them in the past and we know we can count on them in the future too.” 

~Carlos Ernesto Roa Owner, Avícola Los Cambulos S.A.
Petersime Service Quotes Carlos Roa

Intelligent hatchery solutions

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Our engineers use innovative research and technology every day to constantly develop new solutions. Discover Petersime’s full range of intelligent hatchery solutions that maximize your performance and profitability
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