All-in-one digital hub

MyPetersime is the central resource for Petersime customers. In this portal, you get complete visibility into your collaboration with Petersime. Our portal solution is not a replacement for personal services. It is an enhancement, offering you a total overview and making it easy to make requests when you need it. All information is adapted to your individual needs and designed to keep your hatchery moving forward. 

Petersime New Portal Tablet


  • Personal, secure login: Access your hatchery’s own digital hub with a simple log-in as soon as you need help or information
  • Everything in one place: A clear dashboard offers you an overview of all information relevant to your hatchery: contact information, service documentation, knowledge base, training overview, spare parts e-shop, and much more
  • Always connected: MyPetersime is accessible anytime, anywhere, regardless of device type (desktop, tablet or smartphone) or user location
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