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Service packs

Petersime offers a number of packs, specially designed to tune your operation for maximum performance.

As the undisputed world leader in incubation technology, we strive to provide our customers with solutions that achieve optimum hatch results, chick quality and post-hatch performance, twelve months a year, year after year.

Because your peace of mind is our primary concern, you can rely on our service to provide you with quality support for all your technical and incubation questions, whenever you need it. We’re standing by to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

24/7 Access

The 24/7 Access service pack is available to both new and current hatchery customers, free of charge. It features unlimited access to technical documentation, the comprehensive Incubation Guide, the helpdesk, updates and upgrades and the extensive spare parts e-shop.

Hatchery Performance Audit

Managing a hatchery is not always plain sailing. A hatchery operation involves many complex processes, from egg reception to chick departure, and its success stands or falls with close supervision and expertise from the hatchery management. The smallest crack in one of the stages of the hatchery operation can considerably jeopardize its results.

Hatchery Guidance Programme

Once the installation and technical commissioning of a new hatchery is finished, the next few months are a hectic time for the hatchery manager and his technical staff as they need to adjust to new equipment and new processes.    

Technical audit

Your hatchery’s success largely depends on your hatch results. However, issues such as insufficient maintenance, inexperienced technicians, staffing changes or inadequate calibration procedures can compromise your profitability.