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Hatchery Guidance Programme

Once the installation and technical commissioning of a new hatchery is finished, the next few months are a hectic time for the hatchery manager and his technical staff as they need to adjust to new equipment and new processes.    


To guide you through this transition period, Petersime introduces a service pack so your hatchery can be fully operational within the shortest period of time. This service pack can be ordered in two versions: Hatchery Guidance Programme and Hatchery Guidance ProgrammePLUS. If you choose HGP+, a Hatchery Guidance Programme Supervisor will be assigned to you, who will remain your single point of contact during the entire programme.

1. Single-Stage Incubator Training (HGP)

  • Intensive three-day training course at the Petersime Customer Centre for the hatchery manager or his assistant, in English
  • Covering a range of technical and physiological topics, including the operation of the incubator controller and the principle of Embryo-Response Incubation™
  • Featuring an introduction to the comprehensive Incubation Guide, covering all machinery related issues and outlining the entire incubation process from start to finish

2. Remote supervision (HGP)

  • The hatchery manager sends Incubation Guide feedback forms to the Petersime Service Department in Belgium at regular intervals.
  • Based on this information, a member of the Petersime Service Department remotely supervises the project and provides recommendations to achieve better results.

3. Visit of the HGP Supervisor (HGP+)

By the second (or third) hatch, a Petersime Hatchery Guidance Programme Supervisor (HGP Supervisor) comes to the hatchery for four days with the main objective to :

  • Verify the technical soundness of the installation 
  • Provide additional on-site training 
  • Analyse loaded setters and hatchers 
  • Collect information during the hatch 

4. Analysis of hatch results (HGP+)

On the agreed-upon date, the Petersime HGP Supervisor returns to the hatchery for three days to:

  • Analyse the hatch results; collect additional information
  • Make recommendations for the next settings
  • Meet with the hatchery manager and his technical staff to answer any remaining questions

5. Closing visit (HGP+)

  • A meeting with the hatchery's CEO / General Manager / Owner is organized by the Petersime Area Sales Manager and the distributor
  • A status report is drawn up with actions performed and results achieved