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Hatchery Performance Audit

Managing a hatchery is not always plain sailing. A hatchery operation involves many complex processes, from egg reception to chick departure, and its success stands or falls with close supervision and expertise from the hatchery management. The smallest crack in one of the stages of the hatchery operation can considerably jeopardize its results.


To help you to get the most out of your hatchery, Petersime has developed the Hatchery Performance Audit service pack. A Petersime hatchery expert visits your hatchery to screen every aspect of it, providing advice and recommendations for better performance. He/she will review your incubator history files, perform hatch breakout sessions and provide guidance for future incubation performance analyses.

The Hatchery Performance Audit service pack is particularly recommended immediately after a Petersime Technical Audit, or within 6 to 12 months after Hatchery Guidance ProgrammePLUS.

1. Hatchery assessment

  • The hatchery expert goes through your hatchery to screen and record every stage of the process, from egg arrival to chick departure. He checks the quality of the received eggs and verifies if the room conditions are optimal in every area of the hatchery.
  • In addition, he analyses flock performance data to identify factors outside the hatchery that may influence overall performance.

2. Inucbator performance analysis

  • The hatchery expert fully reviews the incubators’ history files and programs.
  • He then inspects your chick quality and analyses your unhatched eggs and hatch debris.
  • Based on this information, he formulates advice on any adjustments needed to improve your hatch results.

3. Feedback and advice

  • In a summarizing meeting, the hatchery expert presents his findings and any supporting data to you and your personnel.

4. Advanced incubation training

  • The hatchery expert provides guidance on correct incubator programming.
  • Moreover, he provides instructions on correct chick quality assessments and hatch breakout analyses. When using a Petersime breakout analysis form handed by the hatchery expert, you can from then on rely on remote support from Petersime’s Customer Service Centre.