What makes us Petersime

Nature has been part of Petersime’s DNA since the day we designed our very first incubator more than 100 years ago: We build incubators and equip them with technology that listens and responds to the embryos and chicks like a mother hen would do. Additionally, we are leading the way in the use of big data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to reach maximum performance.
Petersime Solutions Nature As Reference

Nature as a reference

A mother hen instinctively knows which conditions her eggs or hatchlings require to optimize their welfare and performance. That is why we use nature as a reference for our product development
Petersime Solutions Big Data

Big data

By unlocking the potential of data, we improve the overall performance of hatcheries as well as of the entire poultry value chain. 
Petersime Solutions Incubation


A full range of innovative solutions to cover all your needs

Looking for the perfect incubator specifically for your hatchery’s needs? Every chance we will have it. As a lifelong incubator innovator, Petersime knows the different needs in today’s modern hatcheries. Our range holds a solution for all your needs. 

Petersime Solutions Hatchery Software

Hatchery software

Cloud-based software for data-driven intelligence

Unlocking the potential of data presents a major opportunity to improve the overall performance of hatcheries as well as of the entire value chain. With Eagle Trax™, Petersime offers the first intelligent hatchery software that turns data into maximum poultry performance.

Petersime Solutions Hvac

Hatchery climate control

Custom-designed HVAC systems for any climate

No matter what the size of your hatchery and local climate conditions are, Petersime translates your specifics into a tailor-made HVAC system that optimally meets the criteria of biosecurity, performance and return on investment.

Petersime Solutions Hatchery Equipment

Hatchery equipment

The right equipment for optimal hatchery efficiency

A hatchery is not complete with incubators only. Depending on the capacity and requirements of your hatchery, ask Petersime to complete it with the necessary additions

Petersime Solutions Turnkey

Turnkey hatcheries

A fully integrated approach from design to execution

Petersime has an in-house multidisciplinary team that can design and execute your hatchery project from A to Z. We translate your challenges into a custom-made turnkey solution that perfectly fits your business strategy. 

Petersime Approved

Secondhand incubators, firsthand support

Looking for purpose-fit incubators to start your new business? 
Every chance we can help you! 
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