Intelligent egg data loggers

Hatcheries are dependent on breeder farms and logistics partners to preserve the genetic potential of the product they source, the hatching eggs. From oviposition until incubation start, the eggs need to be kept in optimal conditions. Without visibility into the egg storage conditions at the breeder farm and during transport, there is a blind spot in the value chain that can leave you struggling to gain insight into the causes of a disappointing hatch. 

By adding the use of OvoLogger™ to your existing Eagle Trax™ software set-up, you can collect vital data on the conditions experienced by the hatching eggs from breeder farm through to hatchery. For the first time, you can consistently acquire and analyse egg data without gaps, allowing data-based optimization of your production. 

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Data acquisition

The egg-shaped OvoLogger™ easily fits into all types of egg carriers (setter trays, farm trays and cardboard trays), where it is placed in between the hatching eggs. Typically, one OvoLogger™ is used per egg batch. After switching on the device, its sensors automatically start recording a stream of data from the first on-farm storage day onward. The OvoLogger™ takes samples every five minutes and safely stores the recorded data in its internal memory. 

  • Precise recording of air temperature and humidity level
  • Measurement of shock exposure (unintentional shakings and vibrations)
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Data analysis

Gathering data about relevant parameters is only half the job. The other half is having a set-up that allows you to analyse the data effectively and efficiently. Petersime’s solution covers both: At the end of the data acquisition period, the data is easily offloaded to the Eagle Trax™ software and available for further analysis. 

  • Eagle Trax™ allows to perform a batch-specific analysis to gain deeper insights into what went wrong if the causes of a disappointing hatch are unclear.
  • Alternatively, Eagle Trax™ also makes it possible to pre-define an acceptable bandwidth for deviations. The software then issues a warning if the values recorded by OvoLogger™ have exceeded the specified limit values, providing the option for incubation program adjustments before loading the setters and enabling quick responses to anticipate on lower chick numbers if needed.
  • Based on the data analysis, improper egg storage or transport can be clearly localized and identified. This way, areas of improvement can be much more easily communicated to breeder farms and logistics partners. 
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