Tailor-made solutions

Accurate climate control is extremely important for a hatchery’s overall performance. At Petersime, we know there is no standard solution for HVAC. That is why our engineers and installers work with you to design and deliver a custom-designed HVAC system that is specifically developed for your hatchery’s location, local climate conditions, building restrictions and more. 

Whether your hatchery is big or small and the local climate is hot or cold, you can be sure to receive a tailor-made HVAC system that optimally meets the criteria of biosecurity, performance and return on investment

Investing in Eco-VAC™ saves you money in the long run. Eco-VAC™ offers you the ultimate in energy efficiency, significantly reducing your overall operating costs. 
  • Optimal conditioning of the air in each room of the hatchery
  • Pressure-controlled airflow: Only the specific volume of air needed at a particular moment in time is conditioned and supplied to each room, substantially reducing energy costs
  • Heat recovery on incubator water and plenum air: The heat energy from the incubation process is used to warm up air for free
  • ‘Clean’ never meets ‘dirty’: The one-way airflow prevents cross-contamination, ensuring uncompromised biosecurity
  • Optional connection with Eagle Trax™ to remotely monitor the parameters and setpoints of each room in the hatchery
For hatchery owners looking for a reliable climate control system that comes with a lower investment cost, Petersime offers the Easy-VAC™ solution. 
  • Optimal conditioning of the air in each room of the hatchery
  • Fixed airflow: A fixed volume of air is conditioned and supplied to each room
  • Excellent biosecurity
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