Designed for intensive use

The equipment in a hatchery endures a lot of wear and tear, mainly due to the frequent handling and intensive cleaning for biosecurity reasons. Plus, a hatchery has a long life cycle. That is why Petersime designs and produces its trays, baskets and trolleys to last a lifetime. It is one of the many advantages which ensure you will receive equipment that is designed with your hatchery in mind.

Trays & baskets
  • Specific designs for different avian species
  • Solid, very durable construction
  • Uniform airflow to all eggs and chicks
  • Easy to handle, stack and clean
  • Correct egg positioning inside the trays, regardless of size and shape
  • Compatible with hatchery automation systems
Petersime Baskets 1
  • Variety of setter trolleys, hatcher trolleys, farm trolleys and chick box trolleys
  • Solidly welded frame with an extra coating to protect against corrosion
  • Big rubber wheels, minimizing the risk of egg breakage and cracks
  • Ergonomic design and low roll resistance
  • Automatic setter tray turning to ensure a correct turning angle and frequency
  • Compatible with hatchery automation systems
Petersime Eggs And Chick Carriers
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