Proven performance at a sharp price

While top-notch incubators may be an obvious choice for certain hatchery owners, others may look for a less hefty investment that will still guarantee outstanding performance in all circumstances and for the entire lifetime of the equipment. The Conventional Series is Petersime’s answer: It is the ideal solution for hatchery owners who look for conventional incubators that offer inarguably strong performance combined with maximum production reliability and great ease of use. 

No matter if multi-stage or single-stage operation is your preferred incubation system, Petersime’s Conventional Series has the right incubators for you to optimize your profitability and product quality


Petersime Strong Reliable Performance
Strong, reliable performance

Unique in its robustness, the Conventional Series has a proven track record of outstanding performance in challenging and sub-optimal environmental conditions. The range offers a complete line of high-performance incubators with a clear, open and simple design aimed at producing top-grade chicks, poults or ducklings in all circumstances. The Vision+ controller with data connection opens the way to implement digitalization in the hatchery and increase overall productivity and profitability. 

Petersime Trusted Quality
Trusted quality

The Conventional Series is 100% made in our own European factory, where we control the entire design and production process. The range is developed to guarantee a long life without worries. We only use top-quality components and materials that are suited for intense utilization and are highly resistant to wear and tear. 

Petersime Ease Of Operation
Ease of operation

Hatchery staff can start operating the Conventional Series with minimum training. All maintenance can be carried out easily and incubator calibration can be conducted digitally. The machine design also allows for quick and thorough cleaning. All of this makes it easy to find qualified personnel to operate and maintain the machines. An added advantage are the 180° panoramic windows that give an instant overview of what is happening inside the setters and hatchers. 

Petersime Conventional 1 (1)

What you can expect

  • Proven performance in the most challenging situations
  • Versatile range: multi-stage or single-stage incubation
  • Trusted Petersime quality at a sharp price
  • Efficient operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • Wide range of capacities and options to meet diverse budgets and needs
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