High Density incubators

The X-Streamer™ High Density (HD) enables companies who are on the verge of starting a new hatchery project to lower the investment cost per egg. HD incubators can house 12% more eggs, while keeping the same footprint and delivering the same high level of healthy chicks compared to a standard X-Streamer™. 

In this way, you can increase the egg density per installed incubator and still achieve the best hatch results


Petersime Icon Increased Egg Setting Capacity
Engineered for higher capacity

When a larger number of eggs are placed in a non-adapted incubator, issues will arise from the very start. Stronger cooling, extra air mixing and more ventilation in the machine will be required. The X-Streamer™ HD is specifically engineered to perfectly handle the additional egg load while preserving its energy efficiency. 

Petersime Icon Reduced Investment Costs
Reduced investment costs

Fewer machines are needed to achieve the total hatchery capacity you have in mind. As a result, your hatchery will be smaller and your land purchasing and construction costs reduced. In addition, thanks to the honeycomb trays, egg transportation will be more compact and thus cheaper. 

Petersime Icon Maximum Output Chicks
Maximum output of healthy chicks

As part of the X-Streamer™ product family, the X-Streamer™ HD brings powerful built-in intelligence to the hatchery that helps you maximize your profits. Moreover, every X-Streamer™ HD is equipped with Petersime’s unique Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. Your benefit: maximum results, minimum costs

Petersime Xstreamer Hd 1

What you can expect


Everything the X-Streamer™ delivers …

  • Built-in intelligence, big data and full traceability
  • Simple, error-free working procedures for operators of all skill levels
  • Maximum incubation results for chickens, turkeys and ducks
  • Minimum operational costs
  • Long-term economic return

… at a lower investment cost per egg

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