Dedicated to animal welfare

At Petersime, animal welfare is high on the agenda. By using nature as a reference, our innovative solutions focus on bringing you maximum hatchability and post-hatch performance, while considering animal welfare as an equally crucial criterion

Opti-Feed™ looks to nature for inspiration: It gives chicks access to feed and water at the optimum moment and in ideal circumstances if pre-farm feeding is the best solution. 
  • Specially designed automatic feeder walls
  • Flicker-free lighting to stimulate the feeding process
  • Optimal space and comfort
Petersime Opti Feed
Thanks to Cradle-Hatch™, hatch and transport can take place inside a uniquely designed double-level box system to ensure stress-free chick processing and maximum chick comfort. 
  • No chick handling required
  • Further stress reduction
  • More energy preservation
Petersime Cradle Hatch
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