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CO2NTROL™ takes care of the on-line measurement of CO2 levels as input for ventilation control.


Gaseous exchange is known to be one of the most essential of incubation factors. To drive the metabolism towards developing a healthy chick, oxygen has to be supplied to the egg and carbon dioxide has to be removed from the egg as a waste product. Consequently, maintaining the correct levels of CO2 during the entire incubation cycle has a beneficial effect on the development of the cardio vascular system of the embryo. This level can be controlled by adapting the ventilation.

Alongside enhancing embryonic development in setters, precisely timed CO2 stimulation in hatchers leads to simultaneous pipping and hatching as well as improved chick quality. The S-line is built with a new ventilation and air mixing system: Air Mixing Centre. This mixing zone guarantees a 3D symmetrical air distribution in the incubator. The whirlwind effect generated by the new ventilation system ensures all air inside the incubator is perfectly mixed and provides uniformity of the CO2 contents in the whole incubator.

Fresh air input is adjusted separately and is controlled by a variable speed air inlet fan. The fresh air is guided to the centre of the pulsator for perfect mixing with the air inside the incubator. A frequency-controlled damper mechanism provides optimal ventilation in response to changing bio-environment conditions. 


The Air Mixing Centre provides a symmetrical air distribution in the incubator.