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The patented Dynamic Weight Loss System™ (DWLS™) drives the humidity level in the incubator based on measurements of weight loss of the eggs during the incubation process.


Eggs need to lose a certain amount of weight during incubation to achieve optimal hatchability and day-old chick quality. This requires water to be transported from the egg to the environment via the eggshell. By controlling the humidity level in the incubator, the rate of this water (and weight) loss can be managed, taking into account the eggshell water vapour conductance of the specific batch of eggs.

DWLS™ takes care of the online weighing of eggs during all incubation stages. Based on these results, humidity levels are automatically adjusted to achieve the optimum weight loss trajectory from egg setting to transferring.

DWLS™ is available as an option on all X-Streamer™ setter models.