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Eco-Drive™ allows the reduction of the pulsator motors’ energy consumption during the less critical stages of the incubation process. This can result in energy savings of up to 50%. Eco-Drive™ is standard included in all S-line incubators.

High efficiency motors with Eco-Drive™ technology on Petersime's incubators

How it works

Both at the beginning and during the end phase of the incubation process, a high number of pulsator revolutions are needed to make optimal use of the respective heating and cooling. Because that need is reduced considerably during the long period in between, Eco-Drive™ allows the number of revolutions to reduce substantially during that part of the process. 

That regulation happens according to the ventilator law: P1/P2 = (rpm1/rpm2)³

  • P = power
  • rpm = revolutions per minute

Or in other words: if Eco-Drive™ allows the motor e.g. to run 20% slower, the energy consumption is reduced by 50%!

In addition, the frequency drive on the pulsator motor that is used for Eco-Drive™ allows for the motor to start up slower. This does not only avoid very expensive energy peaks but also substantially prolongs the durability of a number of mechanical parts.