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HasTavuk: preparing for a vastly expanding poultry industry with…

HasTavuk (Turkey), one of the world’s largest integrated poultry companies, decided to build a brand new broiler hatchery…

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Shandong Minhe partners up once again with Petersime

Shandong Minhe is located in Penglai city, Shandong province, China. Their cooperation with Petersime started in January…

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Petersime’s Hatchery Management Training: “An excellent way to…

The Hatchery Management Training (HMT) is a three-day course organized by Petersime’s Hatchery Development Department…

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Drobex-Agro Spółka opts for innovative Petersime technologies

Drobex-Agro Spółka, Poland, has partnered with Petersime from the very beginning and they have been expanding with Petersime…

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Petersime launches Chinese website

We are proud to announce that from now on is also available in Chinese, as part of a continuing effort to…

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Petersime is a world leader in the development of incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries.

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With Petersime, you can rely on an efficient after-sales service. Providing peace of mind 24 hours a day.

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We offer Embryo-Response Incubation™ sensors for better hatchability, energy management technologies for energy savings and controllers for peace of mind in running your hatchery.

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Latest Cases

“The results of the S-line incubators are even better than Petersime had initially promised.”
Mr Haider Amayreh, owner of the Union for Agricultural Development and Slaughtering (Jordan)