To meet the growing demand for poultry in Vietnam and replicating the success of Bel Ga’s first broiler hatchery in the Lam Dong province, the company has established a new hatchery equipped with Petersime’s state-of-the-art incubators in Tây Ninh. 

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Project info

Year: 2022
Company name: Bel Ga Vietnam
Company name:
Bel Ga Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 520,000 chicks/week
520,000 chicks/week

The project is a joint investment by Belgabroed (Belgium) and De Heus Group (the Netherlands), who aim to meet the growing market demand in Vietnam and its subregions by augmenting the supply of sustainable and export-oriented agricultural products. After the success of the first Bel Ga hatchery in Bao Loc (Lam Dong province), the companies have extended their partnership with Petersime once again. The location for the new hatchery was strategically chosen in the Tây Ninh province, which is part of the Southern Key Economic Region (SKER) of South Vietnam, sharing the border with neighbouring country Cambodia. 

Kris Van Daele, Operations Director at Bel Ga Vietnam, commented: “The location of our new hatchery directly contributes to improving the quality of the broilers and layers. The day-old chicks would otherwise have to travel long distance to the Mekong Delta areas and Cambodia, but with the new location, we can ensure shorter transport times, which significantly reduces stress on the chicks.” 

hatchery project
Bel Ga’s broiler hatchery in Tây Ninh, equipped with single-stage Petersime incubators, has a current production capacity of 520,000 day-old chicks per week.

Bel Ga has decided to equip its broiler hatchery in Tây Ninh with Petersime’s advanced single-stage incubators to ensure quality and traceability in the value chain of Vietnamese and Cambodian chicken in accordance with ISO 22000 standards, conforming to the conditions required for export to Japan. 
To complement the optimal results ensured by our incubators, the machines are integrated with Petersime’s Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology for high efficiency. The design of our equipment fulfills high biosecurity standards and effortless maintenance, in line with the high standards that Bel Ga implements at the hatchery. 

In a first phase, 14 BioStreamer™ HD single-stage setters and 16 BioStreamer™ HD hatchers as well as a custom HVAC solution were installed, establishing the hatchery’s current production capacity at 520,000 day-old chicks per week. The second phase of the Tây Ninh project will double that output expected in October 2023. 

When the hatchery installation is completed, Bel Ga’s hatcheries in Tây Ninh and Bao Loc will reach a combined production capacity of 95 million day-old chicks per year in Vietnam. 

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