Eurodon, Russia’s largest turkey producer owned by ‘Poultry Tsar’ Mr Vaneev, is establishing a new subsidiary for ducks, ‘Donstar’. The capacity of this vertically integrated project will reach 20,000 tons of meat per year. For the hatchery, which will produce 150,000 ducklings per week, Donstar has commissioned Petersime and its distributor Hartmann. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2013
Company name: Eurodon
Company name:
Country: Russia
Type of fowl: Duck
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 150,000 ducklings/week
150,000 ducklings/week

Scientific knowledge on duck incubation acquired over the years led Petersime to the development of highly specialized single-stage BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers with specific incubation programmes for duck production. The hatchery will feature 21 BioStreamer™ 12S setters and 16 BioStreamer™ 4H hatchers. The contract also includes Petersime HVAC equipment

Besides a hatchery, the Donstar complex comprises more than 60 poultry barns, processing plants, a feed mill, a litter processing plant and other industrial facilities that will form a single cluster of agriculture. 

Mr Vadim Vaneev, General Director and recently named ‘Poultry Tsar’ by Forbes magazine, comments: “We have been working with Petersime and Hartmann since the very beginning. We are highly satisfied with the good and timely project management by the Hartmann team and with the quality and reliability of the equipment from Petersime.”

hatchery project
BioStreamer™ for Ducks: dedicated incubators and equipment for unrivalled duck hatchery efficiency.
hatchery project
From left to right: Rudy Verhelst, Petersime Product Manager; Mr Ulrich Jahnke, Project Engineer at Hartmann GmbH (Petersime distributor for Russia); Ms Tatyana Alekseevna Kartukova, General Manager of Donstar; and Mr Vadim Vaneev, General Manager of the Eurodon Group. 

About Eurodon

Eurodon is the largest agro-industrial holding company producing and processing turkey meat in the Russian market. Established on a small scale in 2003 in the Rostov region, the company is now responsible for 30% of the Russian turkey market. The meat is sold under the brand ‘Indolina’. The new subsidiary Donstar will be the first company to produce duck meat on a commercial scale in Russia. 

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