As part of its all-encompassing service philosophy, Petersime has expanded the activities of its regional office in Tianjin to take its local customer support to the next level. 

Aim for wide-ranging, locally anchored customer assistance

Petersime’s global growth strategy embraces investing in the further development and accessibility of its high-quality service commitment, amongst many other solutions to offer the customer full peace of mind. After upgrading the Regional Centre in Malaysia, we have made the next strategic choice to grow our service offering in Tianjin, China. By systematically expanding our local activities around the globe, we will be able to even better serve our customers. 

Kurt Haeck, Global Service Manager, says: “At Petersime, we understand that being closely connected to our customers is of the greatest importance. That’s why we have been going to greater lengths to improve our services and be their go-to partner to maximize their hatchery profit for life. Our local presence helps us better understand the different markets and assist customers more quickly and effectively.” 

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Petersime’s regional hub in China includes a Training Centre for customers from the region.

How Petersime China has grown in 2020

Petersime China recently reached another milestone: For a fully dedicated customer service, the hub in Tianjin is now also responsible for all spare parts management within the region. The service team, coordinated by General Manager Ms Sandy Qi, uses its solid expertise and experience to navigate all spare part orders and electronic repairs, guaranteeing personalized support and faster delivery times

Sandy Qi comments her team is ‘excited and motivated for this next step in improving Petersime’s customer service in China’. “Not only can we deliver orders and help customers solve issues even faster by offering spare parts locally and by the support of our helpdesk team, led by Nan Wu; taking away this final geographical barrier means we are able to provide all-round support and strengthen our relationship with the customer.” 

In the past few years, Petersime China has seen a substantial growth. To further optimize its activities, the team settled into a new, spacious office at the turn of last year. The location includes a Training Centre for Chinese customers and extra warehouse space. 

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