While the pandemic has put businesses’ operations worldwide to the test, Petersime has gone the extra mile to ensure minimal disruption to its ongoing hatchery projects in the past year. 

Hatchery installations: Combining local and remote customer support

The global pandemic has quickly changed the way of working in many businesses, including Petersime. Just a year ago, it has moved us into setting up new company-wide solutions to guarantee a strong continuity of services to our customers while protecting our staff’s safety. Having responded to the impact of this pandemic as swiftly as possible, we are glad to conclude that the progress of project installations throughout 2020 was minimally disrupted

“One of Petersime’s key missions is to be in close connection with customers in every step of their hatchery operations. You can understand the challenges that occurred when the world was suddenly on lockdown,” said Kurt Haeck, Global Service Manager. “Thanks to the expertise and flexibility of our regional helpdesk teams and large network of local service engineers, we have kept the promise of supporting our customers with minimal to no delays, even when we could not travel abroad.” 

Last year, Petersime completed the lion’s share of its hatchery installations without interruption. Having a network of experienced engineers located in all parts of the world has enabled us to continue to assist customers locally and efficiently, a commitment we stand for at all times. 

Customers also highly value the personal approach of our customer service, such as SuperDrob in Poland. The company recently completed a major hatchery expansion and commented: “Thank you Petersime and Mr Dariusz Razniak (Field Service Engineer) for frequently advising us during our hatchery extension. We appreciated Mr Razniak’s profound knowledge of both incubation equipment and operation, as well as his experience to solve technical or construction issues.” 

Moreover, Petersime introduced digital supervision for hatchery installations as a new way of contact when in-person interventions were not possible, in addition to our well-known remote assistance for technical or incubation-related issues. 

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While travel was globally restricted, Petersime offered remote assistance to successfully complete a hatchery installation at Ugachick Poultry Breeders in Uganda.

Dedicated to offering our customers peace of mind

In 2020, Petersime went above and beyond to guide and complete ongoing hatchery projects within the agreed timeline. During the global travel bans, we also offered digital supervision for installations. An example of this solution is a hatchery expansion at Ugachick Poultry Breeders in Uganda. 

"When our incubators were delivered in May, travel to Uganda was impossible. In these extraordinary circumstances, Petersime's technical team set up a remote support plan,” commented Mr Aga Sekalala Jnr, Executive Director at Ugachick. 

Starting in June, Petersime and Ugachick organized daily conference calls and regular messaging to review equipment parts; inform and supervise by means of images, videos, illustrations; and follow up on the installation progress. 

Mr Aga Sekalala Jnr: “Thanks to daily instructions and close follow-up, the machines were installed and commissioned within two months. This meant we could increase the production capacity in August as planned, and it also enabled our in-house technicians to gain extensive knowledge and experience assembling the new machines. We would like to thank Petersime, Hatchcon and our in-house team for the successful collaboration in the middle of the pandemic.” 

At Petersime, our customers’ peace of mind is our primary concern. By combining the expertise of our Technical and Incubation Helpdesks with on-site support provided by our local Field Service Engineers and Global Technical Supervisors, we can ensure a smooth start-up and operation of your hatchery projects. 

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