All your needs covered

Looking for the perfect incubator specifically for your hatchery’s needs? Every chance we will have it. As a lifelong incubator innovator, Petersime knows the different needs in today’s modern hatcheries. Our range holds a solution for all your needs.

Single-stage incubators

  • Intelligent single-stage incubators that turn data into maximum hatchery performance
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High Density single-stage incubators

X-Streamer™ HD
  • Intelligent single-stage incubators that lower the investment cost per egg
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Unique incubation technology

Embryo-Response Incubation™
  • Unique incubation technology for maximum incubation results
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Heat treatment during egg storage

X-Streamer™ Re-Store
  • Dedicated incubators that maximize the hatching potential of stored eggs

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Chick storage

X-Streamer™ Chick-Store
  • Dedicated machines for optimal and animal-friendly chick storage
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Conventional incubators

Conventional Series
  • High-performance conventional incubators for multi-stage or single-stage operation
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Inspiring customer stories

Hatchery projects around the world

While we could talk for hours about the advantages of our solutions and services, the way our customers think about us is what matters. Read through our customers’ stories and discover what Petersime can do for your business

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