Nature as a reference

The attentiveness of the mother hen to her nest varies during incubation, leading to changes in temperature, O2 concentration and humidity. By looking at the natural behaviour of the mother hen, it becomes perfectly clear what the needs of developing embryos and hatchlings are. Embryo-Response Incubation™ is based on this philosophy. 

Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology listens to the embryo, constantly monitoring its development. By automatically adapting the incubation environment to the needs of each specific batch of eggs, it maximizes the number of top-quality chicks, while also safeguarding animal welfare

Petersime Embryo Response Incubation 8

Embryo-Response Incubation™ by Petersime

  • OvoScan™ for the optimum incubation temperature
  • CO2NTROL™ for the most advantageous CO2/O2 levels
  • Dynamic Weight Loss System™ (DWLS™) for ideal humidity levels
  • Synchro-Hatch™ for a reduced hatch window
OvoScan™ automatically creates the optimum incubation temperature for the specific batch of eggs, mimicking how the mother hen controls the temperature of her eggs.
  • Real-time temperature control: The incubation temperature is continuously adapted in response to the actual eggshell temperature
  • Precise control of the embryo’s metabolic development rate
  • Improved hatchability, optimum growth, better feed conversation ratio and lower post-hatch mortality
Petersime Ovoscan
CO2NTROL™ automatically provides the optimal CO2/O2 levels, mimicking the natural gas exchange in the nest. 
  • By monitoring the CO2 level inside the incubator and steering the level of ventilation, CO2 concentrations can be set at the correct level for each phase of the incubation process
  • Beneficial effect on the development of the circulatory system and growth of the embryo
  • Stronger chicks and better uniformity
Petersime Co2ntrol
Dynamic Weight Loss System™ (DWLS™)
Eggs need to lose the correct amount of water (weight) so the embryos can build the internal air cell needed for pulmonary respiration. DWLS™ automatically adjusts the humidity levels to achieve this in a way that imitates the humidity levels an embryo experiences when incubated naturally by the mother hen. 
  • By measuring the egg weight loss during incubation, humidity can be set at the correct levels to achieve the desired weight loss trajectory
  • Healthy air cell size for the embryos
  • Higher hatchability, lower post-hatch mortality and optimum feed conversion ratios
Petersime Dynamic Weight Loss System
Synchro-Hatch™ gives the embryos the same stimuli they would experience in nature, generating the right environment for the chicks to hatch simultaneously
  • The system detects the exact timing of 100% internal pipping
  • This biological signal is used to initiate a sequence of modifications to the incubation environment to stimulate simultaneous hatching
  • Reduced hatch window (up to 30%), higher hatchability, better uniformity and outstanding post-hatch performance
Petersime Synchro Hatch
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