Thirty-eight years after his father Ivan installed Petersime machines in Cheong-So, Vincent Van der Beken coordinates a new hatchery project for Sam Hwa in Korea. The older incubators are still in operation with stable hatchability. Sam Hwa therefore trusts Petersime to be a reliable partner for its new commercial broiler hatchery. This new project aims to be the most advanced hatchery in Korea, integrating modern technology in addition to proven performance and service. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2019
Company name: Sam Hwa
Company name:
Sam Hwa
Country: South Korea
South Korea
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 1.5 million eggs/week
1.5 million eggs/week

A next chapter in success

Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri., Inc. existed long before the hatchery in Cheong-So, Korea. The company is a second-generation family-owned business in poultry and pigs. It has a history of over 60 years. The motto of pursuing the best, always being ready and leading in research and development is what drives the company. Today, it has a 40% share in the Korean parent stock market. After a successful GPS operation and exceptional PS performance, Sam Hwa has full confidence in the expansion of its hatchery operation to a commercial hatchery with a 1.5 million weekly egg setting capacity. With this upgrade, Sam Hwa can contribute to the demands of the local broiler industry by providing a consistent supply of high-quality day-old chicks. 

Vincent Van der Beken, Petersime’s Hatchery Project Manager for this new hatchery, proudly states: “I am very pleased to be part of this project. Mr Sung Hwang Bae, President of Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri Inc., aims high. With a long-term vision and a strong emphasis on sustainability, durability and technology, this project is state of the art. Coordinating it is a challenge I am happy to accept.” 

hatchery project
Mr Ivan Van der Beken (right) and Mr Sung Hwang Bae (left).

Petersime and Saw Hwa, a long-standing partnership

One of Sam Hwa's hatcheries, Cheong-So Hatchery, has Petersime incubators that were installed in 1982 by Vincent’s father, Ivan. They are still in production after 38 years. “We believe this proven performance comes from not only durable machines, but also good maintenance supported by service and readily available spare parts from Petersime,” says Mr Sung Hwang Bae. 

For this new project, 36 BioStreamer™ 24S HD setters and 8H HD hatchers together with the Eco-VAC™ climate control system will be installed, fully equipped with heat recovery to ensure the energy efficiency of the hatchery. The hatchery will also be equipped with a BioStreamer™ Re-Store machine and all equipment will be monitored from a command centre by using Petersime Eagle Eye™ software for superior hatchery control. Mr Sung Hwang Bae: “This project is an important investment for Sam Hwa. The aim is to maximize efficiency by bringing the hatchery under one system. That includes incubators, energy saving, ventilation, automation, IT and chick delivery system (transportation truck).” 

“It is crucial for us to ensure biosecurity at all stages in the production,” Mr Sung Hwang Bae continues. “For our hatchery, we wanted to work with the latest available technology in single-stage incubation, guaranteeing uncompromised biosecurity at all times. Therefore, the choice for Petersime was a logical one.” 

Hugo De Ruyck, Petersime Sales Director in Asia, is very proud of this project that has been realized with Sam Hwa: “This is a reference broiler hatchery for South Korea and Asia. I want to thank Mr Bae and his staff for the confidence and the cooperation with Petersime.” 

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